Rare Sighting - Hyena Rips off a Buffalo Calf in Masai Mara

Rare Sighting – Hyena Rips off a Buffalo Calf in Masai Mara

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Rare Sighting - Hyena Rips off a Buffalo Calf in Masai Mara

Nature is sometimes cruel – Hyena Rips off a Buffalo Calf in Masai Mara

It was another one of those successful days that made a perfect safari. We were in the middle of our “BigCatShowSafari” photo safari and had a really good day in the Maasai Mara.

We were traveling in two safari vehicles and our guides Mohammed Billow and James Muchina were just about to drive to our camp (Matira Bush Camp) when we were able to capture the crowning conclusion of the day with these scenes.

The pictures show a fascinating encounter between two wild animals in the golden hour of the Maasai Mara. The warm evening sun bathes the scenery in a soft light that makes the golden grass of the savannah glow and gently plays around the silhouettes of the animals.

These are pictures that impressively capture the beauty and cruelty of Kenya’s nature and the unpredictable nature of a safari. The pictures first show a hyena and a young buffalo calf in an open grassland.

Location of Hyena Rips off a Buffalo Calf in Masai Mara Sighting

The scene takes place in the Kenyan Maasai Mara during the evening – the hyena came out of the vastness of the savannah and cautiously approached the young calf. The background is blurred because I wanted to work with a shallow depth of field here. 

It is a moment captured in an image that captures the essence of the wilderness and the untouched nature of the Maasai Mara. It didn’t take long before more hyenas got involved. The young calf was eaten in about 15 minutes and we had once again taken some spectacular videos and photos.

That’s exactly what photo safaris are for. Some facts about the hyenas Hyenas in the Maasai Mara are fascinating and highly intelligent predators that have a complex social structure and impressive hunting strategies.

Rare Sighting - Hyena Rips off a Buffalo Calf in Masai Mara
Rare Sighting – Hyena Rips off a Buffalo Calf in Masai Mara

Hyena Hunting Behavior

Hunting behavior: The spotted hyenas of the Maasai Mara are best known for their efficient hunting methods. They hunt mainly at dusk or night, using their excellent senses to track down prey. Research has shown that hyenas in the Maasai Mara catch and hunt about two-thirds of their food themselves.

They often do this as a well-coordinated team to kill large prey such as zebra, wildebeest, or buffalo. Their hunting strategy is very adaptable and can change at short notice depending on the prey and the situation.

The hyenas live in so-called clans, which are led by a dominant female. The social hierarchy is matrilineal, which means that the social status within the clan is inherited from the mother. This structure enables the hyenas to communicate and interact effectively with each other.

They use a wide range of vocalizations, body language, and facial expressions to express their social position and avoid conflict within the group. The females are in charge and determine the activities of the group.

They also decide on the hunting and rearing of the young. These social and hunting behaviors make hyenas one of the most important components of the Maasai Mara ecosystem.

Credits:- Sightings were seen by Manuel Ketterer while on the Big Cat Show Sasafari, Guided by Mohammed Billow, and James Muchina in Masai Mara Kenya

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