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Kenya is located in the East African Side of Africa, bordering other East African Countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Somalia. It boosts to have the best weather and climate for safari holidaymakers looking to enjoy the flora and fauna of this country. 

It has diverse and extensive attractions, including culture, wildlife, beach, savannah sceneries, and city life. When visiting Kenya, you can experience extensive attractions from mountains to lakes to savannah. The Great Rift Valley passes through Kenya, as well it takes a part of Lake Victoria. 

If you are a follower of the great wildebeest migration, it is easy to spot the wildebeest crossings and migration between July and October every year in Masai Mara Kenya. It’s also easy to spot the big five, special fives, and small fives. 

Wildlife in Kenya - Kenya Safaris - All About Kenya
Wildlife in Kenya - Kenya Safaris - All About Kenya

National Parks in Kenya

Parks and Reserves

There are 54 National Parks in Kenya, some are purely for wildlife and birding, and some are marine parks. Explore the different National Parks and reserves in Kenya to sight the different wildlife species, bird species, deep water species among other attractions. Kenya National Parks are managed Kenya Wildlife Serve while National Reserve are managed by either counties or communities. 

Best Time To Visit Kenya

Climate and Weather in Kenya

The best time to visit Kenya is between January and March, July and October of every year. Get to know the best times you can visit Kenya and enjoy your safari holidays. Know the best time you can travel and visit Kenya at affordable rates and good weather. 

January to March

It’s a Hot and wet season, occasionally receiving light rains in February and March before the long rains in April.

April to June

It’s a wet season, which receives the heavy rains, long rains from April to June. May tends to be hot and wet.

July to December

July is cold, but August to October is hot and dry, in November the short rains start ending in Mid December.

Wildlife in Kenya

Wildlife to spot in Kenya

While in Kenya for a Kenya safari with Discover Africa Wildlife, you are guaranteed to spot different species of wildlife, such as the big five, big cats, special five, small five, and bird species among many others.

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