Discover Africa Wildlife

Wildlife Photography Safaris in Africa

Discover Africa Wildlife

Wildlife Photography Safaris in Africa

Discover Africa Wildlife is an online platform that offers general wildlife knowledge and information. We share wildlife sightings and raw wildlife activities in our African parks. Our platform is built to educate and give you real-time wildlife behaviors and make you understand the different wildlife interactions between themselves. Our latest wildlife sightings ensure you stay up to date with what we sight and see in the wild. 

Discover amazing wildlife spotting in the Masai Mara, the big cats, the Wildebeest Crossings, and many other wildlife species. We unravel the real wildlife activities of the Amboseli National Park, Samburu N. Reserve, and the Tsavo West and East National Parks. Following the wildebeest migration from the Ndutu Conservation Area to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and finally to Masai Mara Kenya. 

Enjoy short and long wildlife, culture, and people documentaries that you don’t see anywhere but on Discover Africa Wildlife. We bring you to live and real scenes of our safari destinations in Africa and make you appreciate the beauty that we offer to you. To enjoy more, subscribe to our Youtube Channel and enjoy amazing raw and unedited wildlife sightings. 

African Safari Destinations

Best Safari Destinations in Africa

Discover Africa tours are well-planned within some of the most amazing safari destinations in East Africa and Africa at large. We cover some of the most incredible wildlife Safari destinations that offer award-winning opportunities to either holidaymakers or even professional and amateur photographers. 

In case you are looking to spot different wildlife species, such as the big cats, we can advise and curate the best safari for you within East Africa where you will be able to spot them with ease and in their natural habitats.

The wildebeest migration and the big cats are some of our most targeted wildlife sightings in Masai Mara Kenya and Serengeti Tanzania. They offer amazing photography opportunities and creativity of the highest order to make all your photos stand out and be incredible. 

Our safari destinations are hand-picked by our experts and we will be glad to help you plan a well-combined and mixed safari itinerary including sightings of wildlife species such as elephant herds, big cats, wildebeest migration, and even birds. 

African Safari Destinations

Big Cat Safaris in Kenya

Big Cat Show Photography Safaris in Kenya

Discover Wildlife amazing wildlife sightings in Kenya and Tanzania and East Africa in general by booking our big cats show safari. It’s a professional wildlife photography safari with gold safari guides with you all through the safari. With scheduled dates and periods, our big cat show safaris are one of the most awaited safaris by photographers all over the world. 

Our wildlife photography safari guides, are epic, professional, and knowledgable and ready to help you get the most award-winning safari photo of your lifetime. All our vehicles are photography friendly with open-sided and good elevation equipped with bean bags, camera supports, and charging sockets. 

In case you are looking for more professional sessions inclusive of workshops and training, our team is ready to take you through the most intensive sessions to help you grow your wildlife photography skills. Discover Wildlife in a different dimension, but in a photographer’s perception only with our Big Cat Show Safaris.

Big Cat Safaris in Kenya

Recommended Safari Accommodations

Safari Accommodations in Africa

In all our safari destinations and wildlife areas, we have selected the best and most amazing safari accommodations that are suitable for our guests on safari with Discover Africa Wildlife. Our hand-picked safari accommodations include camps, lodges, city hotels, and some beach selections. 

Enjoy some epic safari stay in Kenya, either in Amboseli National Park, under the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, or either in the Masai Mara next to the great wildebeest migration crossings points, we ensure that we have handpicked the best places for your wildlife photography and safaris.

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